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Counselling for children and adolescents

We work with children from ages 10+, offering a space for you to talk freely and together find ways to manage more difficult feelings and life challenges

We can work together to find out what is happening for you and when we share a problem or situation no matter how big or small it can feel more manageable.


What is counselling and how can it help me?

Counselling is a talking therapy where you can share things in a safe environment, you may find difficult to share with friends or family. You will be allocated a counsellor who will see you weekly to discuss any worries, feelings and concerns that you might be finding hard to cope with. We know sometimes life can be hard or even cruel at times and although we can't stop bad things happening, we can look at the way you are experiencing it and your mindset. It can help by increasing your own understanding of yourself, process life events and unpick your emotions so they feel less messy and tangled up.

What happens in a counselling session?

The first session with your counsellor is an opportunity for you to begin to get to know each other. Your counsellor will ask you questions to know what you want from counselling, what brought you there and background information. They will go through a contract to explore expectations and boundaries in counselling. After your first session, you may decide to focus on a particular problem with your counsellor to explore and process. Your counsellor will offer a warm, non-judgemental space for you to talk about ANYTHING. We are trained to ask the right questions and bring in creative tools where appropriate.

Will you tell other people what we are talking about?

No. What we talk about is confidential, this means what you share with us in the room stays between you and your counsellor. This is YOUR space. However, if your counsellor is worried about you and feels that you or someone else is in danger then they will need to inform whoever is appropriate. This may be a parent or guardian.

Talking to new people is hard for me-what can I do?

That’s okay. Talking to new people can be scary, especially if you are struggling with your mental health. All of our counsellors understand how daunting that first session can feel and will help to make you feel as comfortable as possible. Your counsellor will be warm, non-judgemental and shall go at your own pace. We also understand it can be hard to find the words to explain how we are feeling, therefore we have counsellors trained in creative methods to help them to fully understand what you are going through.

How The Cotswold Counsellors work creatively?

We understand it can be really difficult to find the right words to explain how you are feeling or maybe you aren’t quite sure yourself. We offer creative tools such as: art, sand trays, drawing, games and metaphors. These methods can be used to better understand yourself, your emotions as well as having fun!

Is my problem serious enough for counselling?

There is nothing TOO big or TOO small for counselling. We live in a world where we get lots of messages which might make us feel as though our problem isn’t “big enough” or “important enough”. At The Cotswold Counsellors every problem is taken seriously and heard.

What do we work with?

We work with a variety of issues but more importantly we work with you as an individual.

Do I need parental consent?

If you are under 16 you will need your parents consent.

How often will we meet and how long are the sessions?

We offer weekly sessions, which we feel allows us to balance a steady, emotionally safe pace and co-create a positive therapeutic experience. The sessions are 50 minutes long.

How many sessions will I need?

Everyone is different and there is no set number of sessions .You know yourself best and when you choose to end counselling is up to you,. We encourage conversations about ending with your counsellor for you to decide collaboratively.

Will the session make me feel better?

Counselling won’t fix you, because you are not broken! Having a goal in counselling to feel better or happier is a great goal to have. However, we do not have any magic wands to do this or change life circumstances. The space will be used to understand your emotions where they are coming from and give yourself the self-love you deserve.

Parent and Guardian FAQ

Will I know what is said in sessions?

The relationship between your child and their counsellor is key and trust is an essential part of this relationship. In order for your child to be as open as possible they need to know that what they talk about in sessions will not be shared with you or others. If your child wants to you know something we will encourage them to share this with you directly or only speak with you upon your child’s request. There are of course instances in which we may need to break confidentiality in order to prevent your child from risk of harm to themselves or to/from others . In these instances we may need to break confidentiality which may be with yourself and /or other organisations . In the first session we will explain situations in which confidentiality may need to be broken to your child in age appropriate language.

Can I access counselling for myself?

Supporting a child or young person who is struggling can also take its toll on you . We can provide you with support . Please mention your child's name on the form and we will match you with a different counsellor.

How can I help at home?

The fact you are here, seeking ways to support your child shows you care. Often as parents we want to make everything better for our child and “solve their problems for them” This can lead us to offer suggestions or tell our child what to do which can in turn lead them to shut down more. If you can sit with your child during their difficult emotions, ask them open questions and respond without judgement, this can help to strengthen their trust with you. Showing that you are with them and offering hope that it can get better.

Where do the sessions take place?

We offer face to face sessions in the heart of the Cotswolds. We are situated on the High Street in Chipping Campden, where our rooms offer a calm space, where you can not be overheard. Alternatively, online sessions can be set up remotely where our counsellors will work confidentially from our office.

How much does it cost?

Our sessions are £55 a session (50 minutes). We offer a FREE initial 20 minute phone or video call to discuss what you are looking for, your expectations and whether it is something we could offer. Payment is required up front to secure the session.

What happens if I cancel a session?

Understandably there may be times that you need to change or cancel a session.We ask for 48 hours notice to cancel or change an appointment as after this time we are unlikely to fill your slot. If you cancel with 48 hours or more notice we can either offer to reschedule your session or refund you. If you do not show up for a session or cancel within the 48 hour window you will still be charged for the session.

Will I ever be in a session with my child?

The sessions are 1-2-1 with your child but there may be some scenarios where you are in the room. For example, it may be appropriate for you to be sat in the first session whilst the counsellor is going over the contract and part of the assessment. This may be just for the first few minutes of the session or the whole session depending on each child and their choice. Other scenarios may be if your child would like you in the room for a reason or if the counsellor agrees it would be useful to bring a parent/guardian into the room. We appreciate that some children can feel nervous entering counselling on their own, so we welcome parents to that first session. However, it’s important that the child learns that the counselling space is just theirs and builds the confidence to be 1-2-1 with the counsellor.
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Speak to a counsellor and see if it’s right for you.

There’s no commitment, pressure, or obligation

“If we can share our story with someone who responds with empathy and understanding, shame can't survive.”

― Brené Brown

“I'm not perfect... But I'm enough.”

― Carl R. Rogers

“Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen.”

― Brené Brown